Cybernetic Interface System

The world's first platform for biofeedback-controlled 3D graphics.

The CIS works with professional and consumer biofeedback systems and hardware to provide 3D visualization capabilities and other human-to-computer interfacing possibilities. Suites of 3D display screens - called "feedback interfaces" or "control interfaces" - provide quality training or data visualization experiences by presenting physiological data in pleasing and intuitive to use forms.

The CIS can provide data visualization and positive/negative reinforcement for thousands of incoming streams of data, making it versatile enough to handle feedback for any biofeedback system on the market today.

Use with BioGraph Infiniti and BrainMaster Software

The CIS suites are optional add-ons for the Thought Technology BioGraph Infiniti and also for the BrainMaster software. Since these are add-ons, you do not have to learn a whole new way of providing training, but the CIS suites work in conjuction with your existing BioGraph or BrainMaster software.

Note: Since one security dongle and passkey is required for the suites, the Squared Suite should be ordered first and then any additional suites desired.

Orders will include the CIS setup, the ordered CIS suites, instructions, and other material needed for use.

Squared Suite / Security Dongle
(One security dongle required)
Biograph $95.00   
Brainmaster $95.00

INtoIT Suite
more info...
Biograph $250.00   
Brainmaster $250.00

more info...
Biograph $100.00   
Brainmaster $100.00

Kaleidoscape Suite
more info...
Biograph $100.00   
Brainmaster $100.00

StarLight Suite
more info...
Biograph $250.00   
Brainmaster $250.00

StellarState Suite
more info...
Biograph $200.00   
Brainmaster $200.00

StoneSoup Suite
more info...
Biograph $250.00   
Brainmaster $250.00

3D Relief Suite
more info...
Biograph $250.00   
Brainmaster $250.00

Squared Suite

Squared displays are based on a simple but widely-used feedback paradigm. Control the size of the cubes or squares to succeed.


  • Offers the conventional box display, and a new simpler configuration in which bigger is better for each variable, whether the variable is an inhibit or enhance.
  • Independently convey feedback information for up to 8 individual streams.
Feedback Interfaces Included: Cubes, Grow, CubeIt

System Requirements

Operating System:
Windows2000, WindowsXP, Windows Vista
AMD - Athlon or newer, Intel - Pentium III or newer
(recommended - 1.5Ghz or faster. Dual core should be at least 1.5Ghz per core. Dual core for BioGraph use.)
Must support AGP 2.0 or PCI-express
(NOTE: do not use Windows' generic drivers. Use drivers supplied by the motherboard manufacturer.)
Graphics Card:
Graphics card/chip with native support for DirectX 9.0 hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. (recommended - 64MB of dedicated Video RAM) (NOTE: using shared memory instead of dedicated memory may cause problems)
Sound Card:
Any sound card/chip. (recommended - hardware-accelerated support for 3D sound)
128 MB (recommended - enough for the operating system to run efficiently. 512MB for WindowsXP)
Hard Drive Space:
300 MB free space on drive C: (recommended - depends on the number of CIS Suites installed)

Systems not meeting recommended specs may not be able to use all feedback interfaces, run all CIS Suites, or use the CIS.

Features and Benefits

  • Feedback interfaces designed and reviewed by developers who understand biofeedback, neurofeedback, operant conditioning, and qEEG.
  • Feedback interfaces designed for various types of users and stimulation levels, as well as a number of generic feedback interfaces.
  • Support for multiple systems, hardware devices, and connection methods.
  • Reliable feedback solution. If one CIS suite runs on your computer without problems, they should all run (performance will vary based on the feedback content and hardware used).
  • Built-in context-sensitive help for the feedback interfaces. Easy access to interface descriptions makes it easy to understand how a feedback interface works, without resorting to contacting tech support.
  • Switch feedback interfaces while training, without actually stopping the training.
  • Supports positive and negative reinforcement for up to 100 independent feedback streams.
  • Periods of training can be defined by selectable training contingencies: Points, Achievements, or Time.
  • Summary graph displayed after every period of training.
  • Support for fixed and variable reinforcement criteria.
  • Support for fixed and variable reinforcement ratios.
  • Fully-functional trials for every CIS suite released. You can be sure you are going to be happy with your investment.
  • Unlimited demo usage mode that can be used without wasting any trial uses (for clinical-grade systems).
  • Full-screen and windowed display modes
  • Real-time performance indicator and warnings
  • 3D-spatialized audio (even without surround sound speaker systems)
  • Can be used with various 3D imaging technologies (stereographic glasses, 3D projection screens, HMDs).
  • Excellent CD audio feedback capabilities (far better than simple binary-based control).
  • 3D content can be created with and exported from almost any commercially available 3D modeler (i.e. 3D Studio Max, Maya, LightWave, TrueSpace), a number of free tools, or even a text editor!

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