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  AFFIRMATIONS: CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. Some people find these brief, positive statements easier to use than an immersive, 20 minute imagery experience. Besides, you can drive, dress, fold laundry or shave while listening to these affirmations. They come from our General Wellness, Relieve Stress, and Combat Depression programs. (26 min).
$ 17.98       #2101

  CARDIAC ICU & REHAB: CD: We created this 2-part guided imagery audio with noted cardiothoracic surgeon Mehmet Oz at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, to accelerate healing, reduce pain and depression, and motivate exercise and healthy new habits, while cultivating optimism and patience with the recovery process. (88 min.)
$ 17.98       #2108

  CHANGE THE CHANNEL ON PAIN - Emmett Miller: CD: The mind and its images has a profound effect upon the experience of pain. A football player doesnt feel his broken ribs until after the game. A frightened child feels much more pain from an injection. You can learn to shift your awareness and diminish the pain signals reaching your brain. This program offers two thoroughly relaxing and soothing experiences teach you to use two different techniques to tune out pain and tune in relief. For chronic or acute pain"Change the Channel."
$ 17.95       #SC5046

   COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT - Matthew McKay,PhD: VHS Video: Matthew McKay guides three clients through the P-A-C method of cognitive behavioral assessment (problems, antecedents, consequences).
$ 49.95       #3155

  DEEP MUSCLE RELAXATION: CD: First tighten your fists as tightly as you can, then release all at once. Feel the delicious warmth pouring into your hands. Relieve knotted tension from the muscles all over your body. Release tension from the fine muscles of your throat, eyes and face.
$ 16.95       #101HCD

  DEFEAT PAIN: CD: Eight superb segments combine mindfulness, breathwork, imagery of pain being blocked energy and trapped toxins, Buddhist notions about acceptance, and thoughtful cultivation of new habits in response to pain combine to create an extremely intelligent and effective tool. (37 min)
$ 16.95       #2370

  DOWN WITH HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE - Emmett Miller: CD: Thoughts, emotions and stress have a major effect on nearly all types of hypertension. Powerful, drug-free methods use the energy of your mind to help return your blood pressure to normal. Includes several different deep relaxation/guided imagery experiences to help guide you in: a) reducing tension, b) discovering the triggers of blood pressure elevation, c) inactivating those triggers, and d) enjoying your new, higher level of health. Some people may be able, through the use of these methods, to lower their pressure without the use of medication. Others may still need antihypertensive medication, but smaller amounts (and fewer side effects!)
$ 16.95       #SC5003

  EASING INTO SLEEP - Emmett Miller: CD: One of Dr. Miller's original recordings, Easing Into Sleep is a beautifully recorded program to fall asleep faster and awake refreshed. Gentle guided imagery is narrated by the soothing voice of Dr. Miller offers suggestions that will help lull you into restorative sleep and create the tomorrow you want.Easing into sleep will help you to off mind-chatter, strengthen your spirit, and slip into the sleep you need to achieve your maximum potential of health and performance.

World-renowned musician, Robert Haig Coxon, accompanies Dr. Miller with sweet music especially composed for this recording. Easing Into Sleep is a wonderful gift for those hard-driving workaholics you know and love, and it's perfect for those with chronic illness, in hospital, or under stress. Ideal for your iPod, too.
$ 16.95       #SC5020


  EASE PAIN: CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. Through relaxing around and through physical or emotional pain, refocusing the mind, and marshalling serotonin-elevating images of love, gratitude, safety and peace, pain is minimized or even transformed. (44 min.)
$ 17.98       #2132

   FACIAL PARALYSIS: Neuromuscular Re-Education with sEMG Biofeedback - Gabriel Stella: CD
$ 40.00       #BC-63

  FIGHT CANCER: CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. This guided imagery combines images of tumors shrinking and fighter cells battling and triumphing over cancer cells, with motivation strengthening and energy mobilizing. Steve Kohn's rich, empowering music broadcasts strength, support, safety and hope. (41 min.)
$ 17.98       #2107

  FOCUSED MIND STATE - J&M Levy: 6 CDs: This unique program teaches you how to get in touch with your "calm intensity" and maximize your psychological and emotional performance. Dozens of powerful techniques which combine the newest mind technologies with ancient wisdom, will teach you: how to free yourself from mental dullness, the power of mindfulness, renewed commitment to goals, manage the outer demands of your environment and the inner elements of high stress and emotion, and acquire greater flexibility of attention.
$ 69.95       #FMS-0207

  FREEING YOURSELF FROM FEAR: 3 CASSETTES: The fear response is a learned habit. You have become accustomed to seeing things in a certain light, and reacting with fear. But fear is all in your mind, and if you know it is useless or unreasonable to be having fear, you can use this technique to reduce or eliminate it. Let go of fear and maximize your enjoyment of life with the easy-to-use techniques found in this program. Your own internal antidote to fears and phobias is awakened through deep relaxation, breathing techniques, guided imagery, and positive affirmations while fears are gently released. An excellent guide to using the "hierarchical desensitization method" of overcoming fear and phobias.
$ 29.95       #SC0338

$ 39.95       #SC5338

  GATEWAY TO INNER PEACE FOR DEEP RELAXATION AND SELF-HEALING - Sarena Morello: CD: Easily learn to create a "relaxation response" and measure your results with biofeedback. This is a "gateway to meditation" for those who think they can't meditate, it will take you to that space. Very beneficial if you're dealing with stress related conditions such as insominia, chronic pain, anxiety, ibs, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure. Comes with Biodots for biofeedback and 5-page instruction booklet
$ 19.95       #GIP001

  GENERAL WELLNESS: CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. I wrote this guided imagery to be used as a kind of all-purpose, healing meditation, with rich images of how the body rids itself of unhealthy cells and replaces them with healthy new growth. It's got some lush metaphors that provide a general spiritual uplift. (42 min)
$ 17.98       #2116

  HEADACHE RELIEF - Emmett Miller: CD: Powerful mind-body approaches for most headaches. Several separate experiences to 1. Relieve the discomfort through a deeply relaxing technique of muscle tension release. 2. Trace the cause of your pain through a brief exploration of its origins 3. Imagery for daily use to keep you pain free and comfortable.
$ 16.95       #SC5012

  HEALING JOURNEY - Emmett Miller: CD: Many people find this beautiful experience perfect for any illness or imbalancephysical, mental or emotional. "This was the first recording I ever made in a real studio. It features the inimitable music of Raphael, a symphony written specifically to enhance the imagery, featuring the world renowned artists listed below. The imagery is based on that Raphael and I had developed during the previous five years at Esalen institute. The first recording of its kind, ever, it still ranks as a masterpiece." Guided by Dr. Millers voice at its beguiling best, let yourself relax deeply in a safe place, contact and gently awaken your inner healer, and guide the healing energy to the part of you that thirsts for it. Side 2, Breathing Music, presents a lovely musical tapestry, a harmonious symphony of virtuoso musicians, including Raphael, Shawkie Roth, Buddy Comfort and "Sophia" Hershman to nurture and support your inner journey.
$ 16.95       #SC5016

  HEALING TRAUMA (PTSD): CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. I designed this guided imagery with help from combat vets, survivors of rape, bombings, accidents, natural disasters and incest, and I think it's the best work I've done. It goes very deep, and seems to work best with seasoned wounds. In the immediate aftermath of trauma, I recommend most people start with the stress, sleep and grief imagery first. (60 min.)
$ 17.98       #2120

  HEALTH AND WELLNESS - EmmettMiller: CD: Four imagery experiences for developing wisdom and balance at each of the four levelsmind, body, emotion, and spirit. Part four includes drum rhythms and movement to help you open to the life force within. Use a different part each day, or focus on one part for a week to bring that particular aspect into balance.
$ 16.95       #SC5018

  HEALTHFUL SLEEP: CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. I wrote this guided imagery to create a rich atmosphere of protection and safety, with images that are evocative enough to successfully compete with all the internal brain chatter that keeps us up. Steve Kohn's music draws mind, body and spirit down into deep, restful sleep. (60 min.) Keywords: sleep, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, relaxation.
$ 17.98       #2121

  HEALTHY HEART: Guided Imagery for Healthy Cholesterol, Open Arteries and a Strong Heart. CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. I provide a lot of healthy artery guided imagery on this program, while focusing on opening the heart, reducing stress, impatience and resentment, and cultivating presence, resilience, peace and gratitude. (51 min.) Keywords: heart disease, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, cardiac infarction, cardiac event.
$ 17.98       #2122

  HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM: CD: by Belleruth Naparstek For years we've had requests for general, immune system imagery - from cancer survivors who want to continue using imagery for maintaining their good health and from those prone to infections, colds and viral illness. So this imagery is designed for general immune system strengthening and balancing. It's written to support the strong but discriminating action from protector cells in the body; to encourage appropriate action from suppressor cells; and promote the defense system's ability to differentiate between compromised and healthy cells. Additional imagery encourages appreciation and gratitude for the body's exquisitely orchestrated, non-stop system of protection. With affirmations. (35 min)
$ 17.98       #2154

  HELP WITH OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER (OCD): CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. This carefully researched guided imagery audio program combines soothing music with powerful, healing images to help reduce anxiety, stabilize biochemical swings, increase strength and motivation to resist unwanted thoughts and impulses, and envision a time of freedom from the oppressive symptoms of OCD. Designed to support and enhance the cognitive-behavioral programs and medication known to alleviate this condition. (49 min)
$ 17.98       #2152

   INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRODE PLACEMENT - J R Cram & J Holtz: VHS Video: 60 minute review of the principles which underlie electrode placement, along with demonstrations of placements and recordings from some of the more popular sites.
$ 50.00       #0225

  KIDDIE QR - Elizabeth Stroebel: 2 CDs: An imaginative and fun experiential stress management program, which is designed for children ages 3 plus through 9. The Kiddie QR is a life long skill for healthy control over the childs own thoughts, emotions, feelings, and physical reactions to distress. This skill carries over to family and peer interactions, to all areas of school performance, achievement, socialization, and self-esteem. The program contains two audio CDs for children with 16 stories in unique, safe, grounded adventures with visualization exercises.
$ 99.00       #KIDDQR
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  LETTING GO OF STRESS - Emmett Miller: CD: No wonder its the worlds most popular stress management tape! Several distinct and different guided imagery and deep relaxation experiences teach powerful techniques for melting away stress and its symptoms. Learn to use progressive relaxation, autogenic self-suggestion, creative visualization and everyones favorite"A Trip to the Beach." Dr. Millers relaxing voice, at its best here, is enhanced by a beautiful, especially composed score performed by famed musician Stephen Halpern. No healing library is complete without this one!
$ 16.95       #SC5023

  MOTHER EARTH SMILE: It is so simple, graceful and feminine and expresses the beauty of Nature in a fascinating manner. Smile.... beautiful, fleeting and loving With a theme of Mother Earth, this is a Healing Sound Series that strike a chord in the origin of our lives. You will feel totally refreshed by listening to the gentle sound in a silent space.
$ 19.99       #HRM-0001
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  Marth KINO LAU: Sources of Life - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Strings & Guitar - Music during your nap at a quiet beach in the early afternoon. Sounds of the guitar quietly overlapping the strings embrace your body so gently. This is an album which reminds you of tremendous landscapes of Nature such as the blue ocean and green-colored mountains under the brightly shining sun. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0001
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  Marth LULU: Peaceful Moment - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Strings Orchestra - Good for Relaxation Music at Spas & Salons Comfortable sound of waves and birds are in tune with the gentle music played by the strings. The music will bring you peaceful and healing moment of a doze. Just like watching the sun setting when a day is passing by. There will be no interference as there is Nature Sound inserted between each song. Highly recommended as the music during various spa or esthetic treatments or medical treatments. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0002
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  Marth LANI: Holy Sky - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Strings Orchestra - Good Sleeping. Inviting you to the dream world. LANI means the heaven or the sky in Hawaiian language. Holy Sky# Countless stars reflected on the surface of the silent sea extending endlessly at night. The stars truly heal our hearts. Deep sound of the strings instruments will heal yourself from a day's fatigue and bring you a sound sleep. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0003
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  Marth MAHALO: Gratitude - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Strings & Chorus - Highly recommended for a souvenir from Hawaii. An album including children's chorus reminds you of the pure and innocent heart. With its design of the flower in the paradise; hibiscus and sweet children songs which remind you of the home, this album will be good for the elderly as a regular or a sympathy gift. Click for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0004
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  Marth MAKANA: Gift of Love - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Strings Orchestra - Why don't you send the music to your loved one? Vivid image of the flower is so pretty and loving, and is a gift of love for the heart. Sweet and bitter, ephemeral love and great love to embrace all are here to heal your heart. This is also recommended as prenatal care music which nurtures a new life. Feel a peaceful flow of time listening to the maternity music. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0005
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  Marth ANEUNUE: Flower Rainbow - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Piano - For Your Elegant Afternoon Tea Time. Delicate sound of the piano sounds gentle to your heart. Hawaii is called a rainbow state where you see beautiful rainbows very often. This is a sound souvenir as a memory of the beautiful islands; HAWAI'I. Serve the music of flower rainbow with organic teas and tasteful desserts or during elegant afternoon tea time. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0006
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  Marth ALOHA: Graceful Love - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Strings Orchestra - With elegance, love and beauty. The music consists of romantic and elegant orchestration is highly recommended for mature women. Peaceful melodies will bring you a quiet moment and a dream world. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0007
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  Marth MIA NUI: Beloved One - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Piano - Birds are singing, the sun is shining at my window, and I listen to the music to wake me up pleasantly. Wanting to listen within a dose of the clear and fresh holiday mornings, this is an album of piano performances which you may want to give your loved one. Relaxing music for a mother and a baby too. Well-received by many people as the music to bring a baby a sound sleep. Precious time of a mother and a baby will pass so elegantly with this album. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0008
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  Marth HIE HIE: Essence of Beauty - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Synthetic Harp - For Healing Scenes of Spas or Esthetic Salons. Delicate and heart piercing sound of synthesizer just like essence of beauty permeates through your body and your heart. Natural sound of birds and waves is endlessly heard between each song. You will be lost in a total silence without any interference. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0009
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  Marth MAHANA: Warm Vacation - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Strings Orchestra - Recommended for you to ease your stress and fatigue. Listening carefully to the sound of the spiritual island; Hawaii, and leaving yourself totally to all the beings in the universe, you will gradually melt into the nature You will find peace in your heart when you get a feeling of oneness back to the great nature. If you feel suffocated at the hustle and bustle of a big city or of a daily life, listen to this album to ease your stress. This will invite you to a sound journey to return the source of Nature, your real home of the heart. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0010
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  Marth MAUNA: Green Delight - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Synthesizer - For Meditation, During Cool Down at Yoga classes. Sound of synthesizer will bring you a timeless journey. Letting you lose a sense of reality, you are traveling in the unknown world. Recommended for a deep relaxation and meditation. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0011
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  Marth HAUOLI: Joy of Live - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Synthetic Harp - Good to celebrate every happy occasion. For Birth, Birthday. HAUOLI means a joy or a happiness, and Hauoli Hanau is a greeting of "Happy Birthday!". This is a joyful healing music filled with a shining life. Birds sing and flowers bloom, and we will feel grateful for the rich gift from Nature. How happy it is to find we are nurtured by the nature! We will be healed by the beautiful sound of synthetic harp, filled with a joy of our life. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0012
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  Marth KE ALOHA: Beloved - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Guitar with Strings - Soothe your fatigue and refresh your mind at the end of the day. Refresh your mind at the end of your day. An album to feel all the lives flowing from One source. The guitar with an accompaniment of the strings Plays warm melodies with the sounds of the waves and the birds. Guitar melody sounds as if it is quietly talking to you. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0013
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  Marth HUALI: Pure - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Harp & Strings - Gently and gracefully embrace your heart like a cradle. The deep sound of the harp invites you to the great world. The simple sound of the harp accompanied with the strings will embrace your heart With the sound of the waves and the birds. This is the music when you want to indulge yourself in graceful sound and feel relaxed with your loved one. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0014
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  Marth ANO LANI: Celestial - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Piano & Strings - Music from the celestial to bring you a natural healing and relaxation. Beyond the sky, you will see your original self. The quiet sound of the piano is truly celestial, folded into the strings melodies and with colorful sounds of the waves and birds. Relax and leave yourself to comfort. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0015
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  Marth KALANI: Sacred - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Guitar - Music to spend your peaceful and quite moments. A flash of truth is heard in a bitter sweet farewell, This is a music album of the guitar instrumental and the nature sounds. Exquisite harmony of the guitar's sentimental melodies and the nature sound Makes you feel fulfilled and peaceful. Recommended for the guitar lovers. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0016
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  Marth HILINA'I: Trust - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Harp - Inviting you to a blissful place to forget time and let go. Inviting you to the ultimate happiness, This is an album of the harp instrumental and the nature sound. Thesound of the harp is gentle, elegant and beyond time & space. Suitable for playing in quality healing space such as the entrances and Halls built in wellhole style. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0017
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  Marth PALEKAIKO: Paradise - Hawaii Marth Healing Music - Piano - The sound of a piano will bring you to a deep relaxation and heal your five senses. Just like the water reflecting a silent heart, This is an album to bring you the beauty ofthe quieteness. Reminding you of the southern paradise, this is a harmony of colorful birds Flying and singing in an oasis filled with deep greens and flowers. Peaceful sound of the magical piano performance will bring you a deep relaxation to heal your five senses. Click more info for sound samples.
$ 19.95       #HM-0018
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   MYOFASCIAL PAIN SYNDROME: Manual Trigger Point & sEMG Biofeedback Therapy Methods: CD
$ 30.00       #BC-64

  OPEN FOCUS - Les Fehmi: 6 CASSETTES: Intro, Head/Hands, Long & Short Form, Dissolving Pain, Independent Practice.
$ 59.95       #OF0213T

  OPEN FOCUS - Les Fehmi: CDs
$ 79.95       #OF0213CD

  PANIC ATTACKS: CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. This highly acclaimed, research-proven, physician-endorsed guided imagery combines healing imagery, powerful music and a state-of-the-art understanding of the mind-body connection to reduce or eliminate acute anxiety and panic attacks. The first 3 exercises: conscious breathing, mantra meditation and body awareness, can be used separately or cumulatively; followed by 18 minutes of guided imagery to reduce fear & isolation; instill a sense of mastery and control; and manage or eliminate symptoms. With affirmations and exquisite, new music by Steven Mark Kohn.(66 minutes).
$ 17.98       #2149

$ 11.95       #6207

  RAPID RECOVERY FROM INJURY: CDs: This comprehensive, 6 week, accelerated healing program provides a sequence of expert, self-hypnotic exercises, carefully designed to help diminish pain, soothe inflammation, rebuild healthy tissue, return strength & flexibility and cultivate emotional well-being, for anyone who has sustained a recent fracture, soft tissue injury, burn or wound. The complete program consists of six, sequenced sessions, combining for a total of 165 minutes.
$ 39.98       #2602

   RELAX - Dennis Weaver: VHS Video
$ 29.95       #R0214

  RELAXATION & INSPIRATION - Emmett Miller: CD: Simple, comforting, and invigorating. After relaxing into a deep meditation, you are guided by Dr. Miller to deeper, inspirational levels of your being. Your meditative experience continues over beautiful classical music, featuring the exquisite flute of Bettine Clemen, and other fine musicians.
$ 16.95       #SC5102

  RELAXATION & INSPIRATION - Emmett Miller: VHS Video: Dr. Millers imagery is enhanced by beautiful cinematography created and edited by him to fit perfectly with the words. Waving fields, the surging Tuolomne River and the undulating Pacific Ocean combine with soaring birds and shimmering flowers take you on an unforgettable journey.
$ 24.95       #SC0944

  RELAXATION & WELLNESS: CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. This guided imagery is for facing any stressful situation, to help with general anxiety, or to just promote feelings of peace, balance and optimism. The images heighten feelings of love and safety, pump up serotonin and promote an energized calm.
It is also the first half of a research-proven imagery protocol for posttraumatic stress, which yielded dramatic outcomes for survivors of trauma. (38 min.)
$ 17.98       #2135

   RELAXATION TRAINING PROGRAM: CD: by H. Richard Waranch, PhD. This CD contains four different relaxation exercises that are designed to be practiced in sequence from 1 to 4. The first exercise is Progressive Muscle Relaxation (12 min) where the focus is on learning to relax by tensing and relaxing different muscle groups. The second exercise is Meditative Relaxation (13 min) and focuses on learning to relax the same muscles from Exercise 1 without first tensing them. Exercise 3 (20 min) begins with a slightly different version of Meditative Relaxation and then introduces repetition of phrases suggesting reduced arousal. Exercise 4 (18 min) also begins with a slightly different version of Meditative Relaxation and then introduces the use of imagery and positive self-statements. The CD comes with a week-by-week set of instructions on how to practice these exercises to maximize their effectiveness in learning to relax.
$ 14.95       #WARANCH

   RELAXERCISE - Mark Reese,PhD & David Zemach-Bersin: 6 CASSETTES: A comprehensive series of 12 lessons with instruction booklet.
$ 75.00       #R0216

  SELF DIRECTED RELAXATION: CD: My whole body is relaxed and my hands are warm, relaxed and warm. Use gentle commands like this to quietly direct your body into deep relaxation. You can actually HEAT your hands and feet 100 to 250 warmer. Spacial Relaxation phrases will train you to shut off pestering thoughts/feelings. Detach from daily woes and troubles and float among the clouds of a deep blue sky.
$ 16.95       #102HCD

  SELF-GUIDED RELAXATION - Joel Levey: CD: presents guided imagery that helps you ... breathe easier ... release tight muscles ... reduce anxiety ... and rediscover your calm, peaceful center. 23 proven relaxation techniques spoken by stress management expert Joel Levey. Original music background on many tracks. 30 tracks, all-digital, 72 minutes playing time.
$ 17.95       #SGR0221

$ 25.50       #SC5221

  SPANISH GUIDED IMAGERY RELAXATION: CD: SPANISH - Walk through the woods to a refreshing Waterfall where you drift up with the smoke to become a free flying bird. Beautiful Music. Use breathing to erase away tension, to energize yourself. A native Spanish speaker with a very relaxing voice to instruct the listener in deep relaxation skills.
$ 15.95       #S103H

  STRESS FITNESS VOL. I - Emmett Miller: CD: Like having a private seminar with Dr. Miller while you drive or go about your daily routine. Discover the fascinating but seldom-recognized truth about the value of stress; how it can produce mental, physical, and emotional imbalance; and how you can harness its energy for good while protecting yourself from the potential damage it can cause.
$ 16.95       #SC5021

  STRESS FITNESS VOL. II - Emmett Miller: CD: Continues your "private seminar" on stress and what you can do about it. Helps you understand how stress, addiction, and dependency interrelate and offers ways to put stress-management tools to work in your life.
$ 16.95       #SC5022

  STRESS HARDINESS OPTIMIZATION: CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. For those engaged in dangerous or traumatizing work, such as soldiers or early responders, this program teaches critical self-regulation skills so people can maintain calm focus and peak performance during chaotic situations. Designed to stabilize the wide biochemical swings produced by acutely stressful events. Includes breath work, key word repetition, body scanning, guided imagery for deep relaxation and guided imagery for restful sleep.
$ 17.98       #2150

  SUCCESSFUL SURGERY: CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. This guided imagery, found to be highly effective in double blind, placebo-controlled research, creates the context for a successful, safe and comfortable surgery, complete with suggestions to reduce bleeding and speed up mending with minimal discomfort. A separate music track can be played in the O.R., and affirmations focus on the recovery period. (81 min.)
$ 17.98       #2142

  TEN MINUTE STRESS MANAGER - Emmett Miller: CD: This little jewel has proven itself time and again with businesspeople, students, performers, athletes, and others who have little time to find the relaxation they vitally need. Learn to quickly relieve tension and wind down after a stressful period by focusing your energy and attention. In Part B, inspiring imagery helps you harness stress for peak performance through mental image rehearsal. No achiever can afford to be without this one. A favorite of the U.S. Olympic Team!
$ 16.95       #SC5053

  TMJ HEALTH: 6 CASSETTES: Relief from TMJ problems and symptoms.
$ 75.00       #TMJ0220

  WEIGHT LOSS: CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. Our all-time, bestselling guided imagery encourages a sense of wonder and appreciation for the body, heightens serotonin to reduce appetite, and envisions the biochemical conversion of fat into focused energy and muscle. Empowering and confidence- building, this audio doubled weight loss in a placebo controlled pilot study at Canyon Ranch. (60 min.) For additional titles that complement and support this weight loss audio, scroll down to find the recommendations listed below: (60 min.)
$ 17.98       #2143

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