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  Book: BIOFEEDBACK - A PRACTITIONER'S GUIDE: Schwartz & Assoc - The definitive text in the field, this comprehensive volume provides state-of-the-science coverage of biofeedback research, applications, clinical procedures, and biomedical instrumentation. With contributions from leading experts, the volume offers a unique combination of practical know-how and scholarly expertise. A wealth of information is presented in an accessible, streamlined style, including helpful glossaries throughout. Featured are detailed protocols for helping patients cultivate lower physiological arousal and for addressing an array of specific clinical problems: headaches, temporomandibular disorders, Raynaud's disease, essential hypertension, neuromuscular problems, elimination disorders, and much more.
$ 65.00       #0103

  Book: BIOFEEDBACK & SOMATICS: Eleanor Criswell
$ 14.95       #0104

            NEUROFEEDBACK BOOKS          

  Book: GETTING STARTED WITH NEUROFEEDBACK: John Demos - This book introduces the reader to neurofeedback, including its history and scientific basis. Case studies help the reader understand how these techniques are applied to therapeutic situations such as ADD and learning difficulties. Information about training, setting up an office, and neurofeedback equipment are provided.
$ 39.95       #1049

  Book: GETTING RID OF RITALIN: How Neurofeedback can successfully Treat Attention Deficit Disorder Without Drugs: Robert W. Hill - Four million children take Ritalin to control their attention deficit disorder (ADD), or hyperactivity. While Ritalin is reducing ADD symptoms in some cases, it is not always effective, often has undesirable side effects and does nothing to treat the underlying cause of ADD. Psychiatrist Eduardo Castro and psychologist Robert Hill say it's time to replace Ritalin with neurofeedbackan innovative, scientifically proven form of brainwave biofeedback that teaches patients how to control their own brain. The authors have used this modality to successfully treat hundreds of children and adults with ADD and found it effective for 75-80% of clients.
$ 19.95       #15717425

  Book: HANDBOOK OF NEUROFEEDBACK: DYNAMICS AND CLINICAL APPLICATIONS: Edited by James R. Evans, PhD - is a comprehensive introduction to this rapidly growing field, offering practical information on the history of neurofeedback, theoretical concerns, and applications for a variety of disorders encountered by clinicians, including ADHD, depression, autism, aging, and traumatic brain injury. Using case studies and a minimum of technical language, the fields pioneers and most experienced practitioners discuss emerging topics, general and specific treatment procedures, training approaches, and theories on the efficacy of neurofeedback.
$ 99.95       #1050

  Book: HUMAN BRAIN COLORING BOOK: Drs Diamond, Scheibel & Elson
$ 16.00       #0111

  Book: INTRODUCTION TO QUANTITATIVE EEG AND NEUROFEEDBACK: James R. Evans & Andrew Abarbanel ed. - An ideal tool for practicing clinicians and clinical psychologists in independent practice and hospital settings, this book provides an introduction to neurofeedback/neurotherapy techniques.
$ 118.00       #0112
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  Book: MINDFITNESS TRAINING: Neurofeedback and The Process: R. Adam Crane
$ 21.95       #0100

  Book: NEUROFEEDBACK AND STATE REGULATION IN ADHD: A THERAPY WITHOUT MEDICATION: Werner Van den Bergh, M.D., Translator: Stephanie Clark. The original Dutch manuscript receives an English translation and is updated with recent neurofeedback and ADHD research. Dr. Van den Bergh, a Belgium neuro-psychiatrist and neurologist who is a noted expert in the field of neurofeedback and ADHD and operates a private center dedicated to neurodevelopmental disorders, delivers a powerful overview of the current scientific evidence for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as a legitimate and distinct disorder, and brings together seemingly disparate research from diverse medical and psychological disciplines with a strong emphasis on EEG, sleep, and neurofeedback studies.

Dr. Van den Bergh further argues that neurofeedback (also known as "EEG-biofeedback") should be strongly considered as a front-line treatment of ADHD. In short, this book provides an advanced look at ADHD and its treatment through neurofeedback that is essential reading for psychologists, neurotherapists, psychiatrists, physicians, neurologists, and anyone interested to learn more about this complex disorder and its treatment."
$ 59.99       #49807


  Book: NEUROFEEDBACK BOOK, THE: Michael and Lynda Thompson - This book is written to assist you in understanding the basis of neurofeedback and the fundamentals of how to do EEG biofeedback. Note from the outset that we do not yet know the precise mechanisms by which EEG biofeedback works. Ours is an empirical field based on observed outcomes.
$ 118.00       #BC-76

  Book: SYMPHONY IN THE BRAIN: Jim Robbins - The author traces the fascinating, untold story of the development of neurofeedback from its discovery to its growing application across the country and around the world, to the contentious history of biofeedback in the 1970s, to present battles for acceptance in the medical and psychological community. He builds a compelling argument for research funding for neurotherapy and shows how almost anyone can gain from the technique.
$ 13.50       #0122


  Book: WHAT STRESS CAN DO: Harry L. Campbell - Whether it's your daily dealings at work or a pervasive concern for your physical safety, the stress you regularly experience may actually be more harmful than the threat that triggered it.

Now, professional biofeedback practitioner Harry L. Campbell presents What Stress Can Do, his unprecedented guide to the importance of minimizing everyday stress in order to short-circuit its many serious side effects. What's more, his easy-to-implement recommendations enable you to do so without use of any drugs.
$ 14.95       #HLC001


  Book: DAILY RELAXER, THE: Matthew McKay & Patrick Fanning - This warm and engaging little book distills the very best techniques from the best-selling Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook to beat stress, calm down, and get centered and focused into a powerful collection of step-by-step practices, which include progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, and mindfulness exercises.
$ 14.95       #0695

  Book: STRESS PASSAGES: Dr. Mason
$ 11.95       #0118

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